Uses for Cell Phone Tracking Services
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Uses for Cell Phone Tracking Services

Mobile Phone Tracking

It doesn't take much to track down a cell phone these days. In an ideal world, such tracking would be used to find a lost person with dementia or a child. But just like with anything useful, there are some people who might abuse and misuse cell phone tracking. This is especially true when someone doesn't know they are being tracked.
Cell phones can be tracked without GPS, using the actual reading of the cell phone number itself. As long as a phone is on, it can be tracked. It's even possible to historically track a person's travel orbit. 

Instead of GPS, a network system of masks can be used. Cell phones telegraph signals to mast throughout the day and night. All masts in the phone's network will get the signal, and the one closest will be the one used when a call comes through.
Triangulation can be done when three or more masts reply to the signal sent out by a phone. This makes it possible to see where the phone was located when the signals go went. In order to find out where the cell phone user was at a given time, it will be necessary to see which mast received the signal at that time.

A cheating spouse can be tracked, a lost phone can be found, a child can be tracked, an employee's location can be verified when they are using a company phone and a lost person can be located.

The technology is here to track people with cell phones and people are made glad when it works to their benefit. Others, not so much.

At this point the triangulation process is easy. The phone masts send back a distance signal, and the phone tracking software simply takes that information and locates where the phone was when it sent the signal. When the phone is off then it cannot send a signal, however when it is on it can usually be triangulated within a few yards, and can be viewed historically. Tracking where the phone has been will show if the mobile phone users is where he/she should be at specific times. It can also be useful if a phone is stolen or lost, since it can be tracked if it remains on.

What are its uses?

Mobile phone tracking can be used to keep tabs on potentially cheating spouses. It can be used to locate lost and stolen phones. It can be used to check to see if your children are where they are supposed to be. It can also be used to track people whom may be lost, just so long as the area is not so isolated that the phone cannot get a signal. It can also be used to check up on employees who have company phones. An employer can see if the employee is in the right place at the right time.



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