Teenager Caught Stealing Phone by Tracking App
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Teenager Caught Stealing Phone by Tracking App

A teenage boy was caught using a phone tracking app. The boy stole the Apple iPhone S near Dublin town centre. Using the the phone tracking app, the phone was located only 30 minutes after the device was stolen.

The teenager is now in court and being charged for stealing a device worth $500. It's not the first time mobile phone tracking apps have been used to trace stolen phones, often the police work with victims and ask if they have tracking systems in place.

There are various phone tracking app's available, these can often run silently and can give detailed information back to the owner. Such tracking devices have been known as 'Spy' phone applications. These can be planted on either your own phone, or your kids or elderly to keep track of their location.

If you had such a system in place on your own phone, it could be a great savior, if your phone was stolen. In addition to tracking location by map, they can also relay information such as: Text messages, call times, web use, app use and more. This can all be accessed by any computer in the world, hooked up to an online connection.

Phone tracking apps work great for thefts, providing they are used fast and that the phone is not switched off. Unfortunately, if the phone is stolen and the quickly reset, tuned off or the sim is removed such systems won't be effective.  



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