Stopping Your Cell Phone Tracking You
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Stopping Your Cell Phone Tracking You

Can you find me now? That's the new cell phone question. People are expressing concerns that their whereabouts can be tracked by anyone, anytime and anywhere. Actually, there are phone apps that shows movement and activity. Foursquare users are one example, but there are others.

It doesn't matter whether the app is closed. So, that person who dodges work for fun may feel a litte bit like Big Brother is watching them. The spouse or significant other who goes out with someone else may be passively tracked. Many wonder how big the problem is and what are its ramifications.

A lot of this relates to theft recovery opportunities. If a cell phone is lost or stolen, it's possible to recover it using this app to hone in on the location. Other apps help retailers and marketers know where someone is located so they can advertise to them, advising them of specials in their geographic area. For instance, if someone parks their car at a particular strip center mall like Austin's Doman, there's apps that will alert them that stores in that center that have discounts, specials and other cost-savings. 

If Android users want to take this type of feature off, they can force quit the application. iPhone users have to go to the feature referred to as “Background App Refresh,” and change the settings to disable this app. Location services can be turned off in the privacy setting and then in the general area under background app refresh and look for apps that have a tiny blue pointer next to them. Any apps that the user is unfamiliar with, or that they don't trust to not take advantage of their power (background) should be totally turned off.

While the idea of being tracked may be a little spooky, there is a way to get out of this maze and restore some privacy to one's life.

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