Protecting Yourself From Mobile Phone Tracking
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Protecting Yourself From Mobile Phone Tracking

Cell phone towers and GPS chips are ways that people can be tracked through their mobile phones. Individuals, private organizations and governments can track people using their mobile phones. So, if the government wants to do mobile phone surveillance on someone, they have the power to do so.

With a warrant, and without permission, a government authority can get a warrant; even without probable cause. The government does not have to use outside parties, the phone provider nor the courts.

Triggerfish uses pen-traps, which are easier to obtain an order for than a wiretap. Pen-taps can't be use with conventional phones.

Someone who is going somewhere they shouldn't may need to worry about this access a little more. If they are doing all things right, they might be okay with being tracked this way. With cell phone towers and GPS, real-time tracking is possible.
Laws are not being written fast enough, nor precedences established as fast as is technology to track phones. 

What this amounts to is that, when it comes to mobile phone use, personal privacy is not experiencing the same protection as it is with other personal behaviors.

Many phones can't be tracked when they are off, but there are some that can still be tracked when powered down. Those that fall in this category will have to have the battery removed. Since most people like to stay plugged in, they can't afford to take measures to avoid the threat of being tracked.

Defending one's self against an invasion of privacy is another way of defending one's self in general. It deals with taking away or limiting another's ability to do surveillance.



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