Phone Tracking and Surveillance - You Cant Escape Big Brother
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Phone Tracking and Surveillance - You Cant Escape Big Brother

From phone tracking, monitoring by governments, stingray towers, spy apps, and apps that gather information about us- Its pretty much impossible for us not to be traced or monitored. This goes without mentioning technology that is being used that we don't even know about. Its common knowledge that technology exists to monitor keywords from all phone calls worldwide by Governments too. Information is gathered about phone info on our calls for various reasons including security.

A recent story was published explaining how you could possibly go un-traced using a phone. It was more or less impossible. It required, using a new pay as you go basic phone, registering by using public WiFi and computer, then finally throwing away the phone in the end. (Not to mention many other steps) to not use the phone in a similar fashion to your other, so patterns can be traced.

There are many reasons why we are getting traced or monitored by our phones too! These include, advertising to customers - Better targeting for adverts based on behavior or conversations. Authorities to monitor and spy on criminals.

 The government for safety reasons and other unknown purposes. Not to mention people spying on others for a range of other third party reasons, including partners cheating etc.

So what is the answer? The only way to escape being traced is to simply not use a phone. In addition, you must remember to not use social networks, computers and other mobile devices.

Who knows what will exist in the future, I guess things will only get more complex and our privacy will be breached further.



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