Mobile Phone Tracking Monitoring App Now With No-Jailbreak Solution
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Mobile Phone Tracking Monitoring App Now With No-Jailbreak Solution

Great news for people wanting to use monitoring apps to keep track of loved ones including children and the elderly. Popular spy app Mspy now provides a none Jailbreak option. This meaning it will work on any standard Smartphone, including Andriod, iPhones etc.

Mspy is a monitoring app which runs discretely on a target phone, a user plants the silent running software in a matter of minutes on the 'target' phone. After that, location, phone use, data, and nearly all phones information can be revealed without the person who phones it is knowing.

Once the spy tracking app is installed it runs silently, the person who planted the spy app can then login to a control panel by password anywhere in the world. 

Mobile phone tracking apps of this kind are particularly encouraged with children, to keep a track of their mobile phone activity, what pictures they are sending/receiving, messages they are sending and what internet activity they are taking part in on their phones internet.

In a similar way, they are also ideal phone employees wanting to track workers phones. Location can be detected pin pointed on map.

The no jailbreak solution now makes it far easier and more convenient for a user to install a spy app on a phone.

Prior to this, such apps were only available on Jailbroken phones, limiting the use greatly.

Although many see such apps as a helpful tool, they have come under some criticism. Partners have used them on others to spy or track location of suspicious spouses. This has lead to some privacy concerns about the use of phone tracking apps. Companies like Mspy stress that their apps should only be used to track children or employees. Tracking anyone else must be done so with their permission



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