Keeping Track of Employees Location Using Secret Smartphone Tracking Service
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Keeping Track of Employees Location Using Secret Smartphone Tracking Service

Written by James - UK England

You would think that a commissioned salesperson would dedicate themselves to using their time on the job to try to generate sales volume. Most of my employees did just this. But one of them had the tendency to go to a local coffee shop and have coffee. He didn't make sales calls, he didn't talk to customers on the phone and he didn't meet with customers. How do I know this? I tracked his movement using Mspy's Smartphone Monitoring App. See

Mspy's tracking feature gave me just enough information to accelerate my actions regarding this employee. I knew I could offer training and another chance, or I could let him go. Perhaps if he chose that second option I could find a better match for my needs, and he could find a job better suited to his interest – such as being a barrister at the coffee shop. If he chose the second one, I was ready to extend mercy.

Anyway, I had an intervention of sorts. I gently but firmly confronted him with what I knew. I asked him about his goals, and why he spent so much downtime sipping on lattes. He came clean and admitted that he had a time management problem and lacked sales training. I was ready for that answer. I was ready for his honesty and contrite sorrow for the way he had slacked on the job.

I made certain he got the training he needed. After that, he shaped up. He never figured out how I came to know what I did, but it was good to keep this little secret to myself.

I am not sure if it was the training on time management and sales cold calls, or his knowledge that he was subject to tracking and accountability, but this employee did a turnaround. He started making more sales, and earning bigger paychecks.

Every once in a while, he goes to the coffee shop – and he buys coffee for the entire sales crew. Out of his own pockets.

I am grateful for Mspy, and their cell phone tracking and safety monitoring applications. Since I pay for the cellphone, I had a right to install this undetectable tracking. The situation was a win-win for both of us. 

mSpy works by silently recording phone information such as location, photos, calls, messages and more. This can all be retrieved by any browser in the world.



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