How to Turn off Location Tracking on Smartphones
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How to Turn off Location Tracking on Smartphones

Nearly all of us own a high-tech piece of phone equipment, growing usage of such devices is great but amongst the wonderful features, comes several concerns as to how this technology is being used.

As we use 3G and WiFi its like ly that your phone is being tracked by several apps. Facebook and Google track movements to help you along your way, but are you comfortable that all your movements are being tracked?

Its important to know how and why your phones location is being tracked. In addition its worth noting what steps can be made to prevent your phone from tracking your movements.

With Android devices, tracking information can be checked in settings. Simply select Location; tap Google Location Reporting. This can be turned on or off.

According to Google they  use location information to deliver relevant adverts to you. They do not disclose this information.

Facebook use constant location tracking, this is used for the 'friends nearby' option. This can be turned off but its not too easy to find. It can be switched off by tapping 'more', 'nearby friends', and adjusting location settings.

Google and Facebook are the most popular phone tracking apps, there are a lot more though including Foursquare.



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