How Phone Tracking Has Changed Our Lives
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How Phone Tracking Has Changed Our Lives

Ten years ago, nobody would know your exact location, unless you were seen or spotted. Now, with new Smartphones your location and route is probably being recorded whether you like it or not. 

Every phone has GPS, if you make a call, the phone carriers will know your location because of the many phone masts. If that doesn't reveal you, the GPS on your phone will probably be tracking your location. Not to mention the various social network apps like Facebook, likewise Google maps. 

In modern life we are encouraged to reveal our location by enabling GPS and other setting on your phone. Google maps relay on knowing your location, so you can take advantage of their amazingly handy map system, train and buses times etc.

In many cases its a good thing, it lets us calculate travel journeys, routes. It also lets us find people and places around us. Sounds great but sometimes it can backfire.
Don't forget by having a smartphone, you can always fall victim of people snooping on your location. For example, a recent news story in the UK revealed a jealous husband used a 'spy tracking' app to find out his wife's location. He managed to track her location, whilst she was with another guy. It resulted in the murder, by him of his wife.

The only sure way to stop us being tracked (phone tracking) by our phones is to turn them off, better still leave it at home. As long as you don't have any devices equipped with GPS or mobile GSM you cannot be tracked. The problem is, our lives today or almost crafted around the use of our phones. They have become a massive part of our lives. People cannot leave their mobile phones for 1 minute. 

In a nutshell, we have become dependant on these devices which are controlling our lives. Although as seen as a massive plus side, we must be careful as they can be used against us.



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