How I Used Secret Phone 'Spy' Service to Monitor My Children's Phone Use
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How I Used Secret Phone 'Spy' Service to Monitor My Children's Phone Use

Written by Jane Berry - California USA

My son is precious to me. But he is also a little sneaky. Perhaps it's developmentally appropriate for a 14 year old to act this way, to pull away from me, to hide things from me.

What I know for sure is that he needed a cell phone of his own so he could call me when finished with his various extracurricular activities. He was on the debate team, played Varsity soccer (although he was a sophomore), and was in the Spanish speakers club. I didn't have time to spend sitting in front of the school wondering if he were ready for a pick-up. We lived a few minutes from the school, so once he called, I could be there in a few minutes.

Yet, he wasn't mature enough to fully appreciate what it meant to have a phone. He could text something wrong and land in legal trouble, he could be a victim of cyberbullying. I didn't want that. I didn't even want him to develop wrong conversational habits. So I installed Mspy on his cellphone.

I was able to track his every call, hear his conversations and see what interesting things he was doing with his cell phone.

While I was far from a controlling parent, I was now a parent in control. I could tell if someone suspicious contacted my son, I could see which apps he installed. I was his secret and best guardian. It was all for his good.

I don't deny the world we live in. I am a realist. One thing can change a life forever. Thanks to the Mspy tracking feature, I can keep my hands on my son – even when I am at work, home or at the gym.

It was easy for me to install mSpy on his phone, all I needed was 5 minutes and it was secretly installed. I can now access the phones use and location anywhere in the world using a password login.



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