Authorities Encourage Use of Phone Tracking Apps for Parents With Children, Elderly and Your Own Phones
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Authorities Encourage Use of Phone Tracking Apps for Parents With Children, Elderly and Your Own Phones

Over the past year there have been several news reports of authorities including the Police, for the encouragement of 'spy phone' type apps to protect your children, keep track on elderly and your own personal phones.

In separate reports, authorities have worked with individuals who have used tracking apps, these applications that install silently on all Smartphones are generally known as 'Spy apps'.

Parents have been able to successfully keep track of their kids activity (including messages they send, app use, call logs, location and photos they send/receive). Although it may seem drastic measures, it could prevent serious situations of danger to your children.

In a similar way, elderly people can be monitored using phone tracking app's. In some reports, the elderly person has actually opted to be tracked. It is worth noting though that anyone being tracked must be informed, prior to installing such software to their phone. Otherwise it could be considered a serious breach of privacy and can cause legal issues.

One of the most popular phone tracking app news story, are the ones where a stolen phone has been located after a theft. If silent tracking software is installed on your own phone, the person who stole your phone would leave a massive trail of location, phone use etc. This can be instantly retrieved by logging onto any PC with an internet connection. With the price of Smartphones these day, its not worth taking chances.

One of the best and most popular phone tracking apps around is called mSpy. Mspy can be installed on any mobile phone, it runs silently without detection. This then relays information including location via map, phone use, messages, photos to a user login. This login is pre-set by the person who planted the spy software. Information can be accessed by logging into a password entry via a special website, anywhere in the world!



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