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Japanese Create Avatar Robot - Latest Scientific Invention

In true Japanese style an avatar robot has been created by a group of techie researchers. The robot is powered by humans movements through a special visor. The robot which is located near the human recreates al the movements and transmits sounds back to the operator.

This new invention has quickly been labeled similar to the hit movie avatar. The robot however does not resemble a 10 foot creature though. Its more like a small 2 foot robot.

A visor controls the movements along with special gloves fitted with semiconductors and small motors which provide a human the sensation of what the robot feels. So in effect it can transmits hearing, sight and sensation of what it handles.

Japanese are always at the forefront of advanced electronics and technology, this latest avatar creation by scientist Subsume Tachi is thought to at some point help humans by sending them into places which may be unsafe.

The Japanese earthquake last year is thought to be a contributor for the development of this robot. Its not surprising to see though, that avatars are becoming part of our daily lives more.

Although the far fetch imagination of James Camerons films are always playing on our minds, the avatar idea is still a relatively realistic theory which can be used to some


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