How to make an avatar in photoshop


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How to make an avatar in photoshop


The idea of making your own avatar can be daunting, but the steps can be rather simple if you follow this tutorial step by step we'll guide you to the details of creating an avatar on Photoshop. This should work on most Photoshops CS3 or higher, but this one is specifically from CS5. Basic knowledge of the software is helpful, but this is tutorial is great for beginners in the program.

What you'll need:

  • Photoshop CS5 (CS3 or higher will work)

  • Very Basic Knowledge of Software (This is newbie friendly)

  • A photo, image, drawing, or stock image for your avatar.

  • Basic idea of what you want.

Now open up photoshop and lets get started. First go to File > New and you'll enter the dimensions you need for your Avatar, commonly 100 x 100, 150 x 250, 250 x 250 but these vary. Check the site you are making this for, if you want a generic one that 250 x 250 would be a good size as many sites can resize it smaller. Make sure that the drop down menu is on “pixels”.

Then open up your stock image, you can then copy it and paste it into your avatar image, resize as needed. CTRL + T allows you to “Transform” the image, if you hold shift as you resize it while dragging from the corner it will keep it so you don't smoosh or stretch the image.

Now you can use brushes, there are many sites to download free or paid for photoshop brushes that you can use as designs somewhere on your image. Use the text tool to create a name or quote, and then you can use styles by double clicking the layer to fancy up the text.

The gradient tool can also be used to  enhance the background or different parts of your avatar, if you do a gradient over it and set the opacity down real low so you can see the image in the background many people will do this to enhance a certain way or in order to show pride, such as a rainbow.

Spend the time and read up on more advanced tutorials on photoshop to be able to make the best avatars, and make your friends jealous! Though this can be done extremely basic and just have the idea of your avatar that you'd like on the site or chat room of your choosing.

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