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Avatars and Virtual Worlds to Boom in 2012?

We have seen tremendous growth of virtual worlds throughout the past years. Will 2012 bring the largest in recognition of this seemingly growing trend? Many bloggers and websites predict 2012 to see an all time high of both avatars and virtual worlds.

The progression of online technology and graphics naturally means that both will steadily rise, however not everyone is sure that this will increase in relation. Some online critiques suggest that Avatars and the use of virtual worlds may eventually become less used as people kind of get bored of them, once discovered.

There are a few main contributors why avatar makers to create cartoon like designs to be used in virtual worlds have become so popular. One of the more obvious reasons is the hit film 'Avatar' which was released back in 2009. This kind of brought the meaning home of this type of entertainment and activity.

There are other reasons though, Facebook and other networks are constantly growing, naturally promoting the use of these cartoon like designs. In addition online privacy and security is also becoming more known, so people often feel less comfortable using real photos. Instead they would create an avatar.

Naturally, as many predict wild futuristic virtual types of technology seen in many films over the past 20 years and more. It seems as the years go by, this does seem to be unfolding in a similar fashion. People are interacting, speaking and talking in ways which could only be imagined. They do this by making avatars and engaging in realistic virtual worlds.

We can only imagine though that, if the general awareness of Avatars has died down some what, it will only be reminded again when the next Avatar film is released in the next couple of years. The sheer power and buzz of such a hit Hollywood film, creates massive awareness about these small digital representation and cyber space known as virtual worlds.


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