Avatars Soldiers to Become Part of Army

DARPA The people responsible for developing advanced military equipment are setting aside budget for a new avatar program. The idea behind it is to build robot like avatars which are controlled by humans. As described by DARPA themselves the avatar will be a "semi-autonomous bi-pedal machine".

The idea does not sound like a far cry from James Camerons Avatar film. However these Avatars wont be tall blue creatures, they'll look more like robots which can be used to pick up casualties, fire guns and perform tasks within a battlefield.

Although it may sound rather wild, robots have already been made 'AlphaDog and Petman' which can perform simple tasks. AlphaDog uses four legs to walk. It has been proven to help soldiers carry loads.

The idea behind these latest projects is to limit human casualties as far as possible. Soldiers will work alongside the Avatar robots to create a powerful combination. Apparently 7 million dollars has been pumped into the project from the agency. DARPA will be working alongside NASA, this is one of many robotics programs they are involved with.

The project has probably been named Avatar due to the nature of it, the word avatar has several meanings, from small digital representations used on the internet etc, to say the likes of James Camerons hit film.

As technology progresses, its more likely we are going to be seeing more avatar related beings. In the past 10 years the growth and awareness of the word alone has been massive. Avatars have become an everyday part of our lives

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