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Avatar MeTee's Introduced to Website

Soon you will be able to order your favorite Avatar creation on a Tee Shirt. An exciting new addition to Create My Picture is set to be introduced very soon. Soon you will be able to create your favorite avatar design then order it straight away on a quality Tee.

The new concept called MeOnTee will allow the user to create their own design, simply clicking a single button will then load the product into a virtual model where you will be able to view and adjust the position. Then users can choose from a range of colors, sizes, quality and more. The Tee's will be available to male/female and kids too.

These new Me Tee's will be ideal for parties, casual events or just looking generally cool. The idea behind them is to give users the chance to create their own look and take the avatar design offline and enjoy them in the real world too!

Theres no denying that these new tee designs will attract attention. They are eye catching, fun and exciting. Theres also one thing for sure, there will be nobody with the same design as you either..

The avatar generator will soon be upgraded to take orders for Me Tee's. The whole process will be automated and your order will be processed as soon as you order. The shirts will be reasonably priced too, meaning everyone can take a slice of this new trend.

Keep your eye open for these new avatar customizable tee's. We suggest you 'Like' our Facebook page over at Planetcreation 'Create My Picture to keep updated on their release.

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