Avatars seem to have caught on big time among today’s Internet users especially the youth who do not want to waste any chance that will make them stand apart from the crowd. There are so many avatar generators that have sprung up to cater to the varying demands of the users and you can choose any of these to create interesting profiles to depict your character or personality.

Using avatar generators, you can not only create avatars but also smiley, emoticons and interesting pictures for your blog, website, forums or simply to create fun and interesting profiles for your social networking site. You can create three dimensional avatars at Meez which have become the coolest trend these days. Spice up your profile page with a 3D image which is sure to attract a lot of visitors and friends. If you are an avid chatter, then use Yahoo! Avatars to create interesting profiles for your Yahoo! Messenger page.

When you use this application, you get to choose the style, persona and all accessories like dress style and hair color making the image unique and cool
For animated avatars, the best avatar generator is Otaku Avatar Maker which allows you to create exciting images incorporating flash and animation tools. Speaking avatars have become the latest craze and is now being increasingly used on professional websites too.

Instead of getting a professional model, avatars are now being used on websites to bring in more customers. Some avatar generators will also allow you to use your own voice for the image making it even more personalized. Apart from these, there are also applications like DoppelMe which can be used to create cartoon avatars and images. Women would love to create images which has sport the trendiest and coolest makeup and outfits; try Hanna’s Facemaker which allows you to change your makeup, hair color and hair style whenever you choose to.

If it is caricatures that you would prefer as your profile avatar, then turn to Digibody’s Avatar Maker where you can upload your picture and get your personalized caricature created. There are also many avatar generators which you can use to create profiles or images from leading online games. Pick your favorite character and create your avatar in his image, a fun and exciting way to make your profile interesting.

So go online and create your favorite avatar today!

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