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Avatar Facial Combinations

 There are literally tens of thousands facial features and combinations to produce and create avatars in a fun and unique way. Take for instance Create My Picture. With every avatar feature that is selected a new set of options and accessories is produced. This means that one can make the most out of this avatar generator to create an avatar which has a lasting unique look.

To create avatars you must have a reasonable amount of creativity, however the pre made designs make this a breeze. Many ask 'how do I create My Avatar?' All you need is a little amount of imagination and it will go a long way.

You may not necessarily want to create an avatar which looks exactly like you, many reproduce and design silly outrageous looks which are eye catching. The good thing about these types of avatars is that you can create as many as you like too and they don't exactly take up a massive amount of space on your hard disc.

Create My Picture is possibly one of the most simple avatar generators to use. You can benefit from a range of features as well as additional resources like IMVU and Zwinky which are easily accessible.

Designing ones look, is something which has become a growing trend. This can be backed up by the sheer amount of people who have liked 'Create My Picture' on their Facebook page.

Whichever combination of avatar designs you choose, we are sure that you will have fun creating your design. Use the simple menu options to select different features, be it facial, mouth, chins, head shape. To more sophisticated options like adding cigarettes etc.

The output from Create My Picture will be a small jpeg file which will be sent when you select the 'email option'. This is basically a scaled down version of the avatar which is produced by the Flash application. This cartoon digital face will be the result of your design efforts..

To start designing your unique avatar visit the website here and start making your designs come to life..


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