WoozWorld and Using your Woozen Avatar


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WoozWorld and Using your Woozen Avatar


Avatars are used in many different ways, one way is the new online-chat craze, instead of having simple names and boring text filling up a room you can now explore virtual worlds while you chat and even do little errands for computer generated people. When you aren't chatting you can be doing quests, errands, or customizing your character. IMVU and Woozworld are a few places like this.

WoozWorld starts off fairly simply, doing a quest to get someone a birthday gift and you have a per-generated character that they promise you can later customize.

The color customization is extremely diverse, giving you a huge palette of colors you can choose from for your outfit. Between you and a friendly dog you collect roses in order to surprise Max's friend, Jenny.

Afterwards you can create your rooms as well as you get your first prize for logging in. You're able to get free prizes by watching a very short video, these prizes can vary from VIP pass to money to a room to clothing items. I won the dungeon the first time, and was pretty excited about that!

Your Avatar, or Woozen, has much more that can be done. You're able to upload videos, pictures, or add and find friends. There's also a variety of games you can play, or videos to watch that you or your friends have uploaded.

You start off with about 8,000 Wooz, or coins, and you can start customizing your character right away. There is a huge scheme of colors to choose from, for both your clothes, hair, as well as your furniture and walls for your Unitz. There are a plethora of rooms and areas to explore, different ways to earn currency and hundreds of people to chat with.

You're able to create or participate in quests, dance, play games people have created or simply chat. The game is extremely versatile all the while adding new ways to customize and modify your character, Unitz, and even take care of your own woopet. It's family friendly so a large variety of ages can play it and still enjoy it and it is free to play with optional pay or cash shop items/premium VIP membership, but those are optional in order to enjoy it.

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