Why People Create Avatars


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Why People Create Avatars


Avatars have been used to represent people since shortly after the creation of the internet. They are smaller images that either represent the user or something the user adores. Reasons why people use avatars vary from person to person, how ever the most common is very similar to why you wear styled clothes.

Now an Avatar doesn't stop you from being naked, but it does however help represent your online self. Such as wearing a shirt of your favorite movie or band, or a fun saying. Or even if you wear a certain style you are paving your own style and showing people a representation of yourself before they ever even talk to you. They say first impressions are the most important, and this is also in the case of the internet.

Living in a world that is so interconnected it's easy for people to poke around at your profile or about me or even search your name or username on google to find out things you may not have told them. So when your name pops up, what do they see? A picture of you, your pet, family, something you represent, love, or find funny? If we like it or not many people will judge us based on these premises and images alone.

People each have their own reason for putting up avatars, perhaps it's just force of habit at this point. Though another good reason to use avatars is so people know you are legitimate, if you are trying to make friends or sell things, or even buy things, anything you do on the net people are always wondering if you are real. There are an insane amount of bots, or people pretending to be something they aren't in order to scam you or get information. Many people will even collect e-mail addresses and sell them for hundreds of dollars!

By using an avatar you will help eliminate some of these stresses other people feel when searching through a profile, as well as summing up yourself in an image. They say an image is worth a thousand words, so it will help you get to know people before ever even speaking to them.

The usage of avatars also shows our styles or things our ideal dream selves, it all varies on how you are using them and where you use them. Avatars that you can use to walk around with are the new way to interact and surf chat rooms.

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