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Who uses avatars and where can I create some?


Many companies are creating Avatars that are programmed to act as customer service agents. They are widely becoming known as avatars. Clever companies are allowing avatars to get a potential customer to a certain point (a certain level of agreement) and then allowing real staff to take over the process. The staff member reads the responses of the potential customer and then takes over the sales process. Other companies are installing avatars as tools, which act as website navigation aids or customer service representatives. These types of avatars run on sophisticated programs and are difficult to construct. However, there are other avatars that you can control directly, and these are the ones that are discussed on this article.

If for example you run a forum or a chat room, you should allow its users to engage on a personal level, such as giving them a separate image upload access. But not everyone wants to spread a picture of herself/himself on the Internet. For users who do not want this you can introduce the possibility to create an avatar using an avatar generator. Try one of the avatar creators on this article if you would like to manufacture your own avatar from scratch.

Simpson's Avatar (You can turn the sound effects down)

In the Simpsons Movie website, you can create your own Simpsons avatar. There are 9 design options, including for eyes, beards and physique. However, they give plenty of options (except for the ears, there is unfortunately only one form). One can, for example, choose from over 30 different types of eyes, but set no eye color. Colors are limited to some predetermined colors, but one can use a color selection bar to select from the entire color spectrum in order to select the desired tone.

Graphically, the characters are not as detailed, but this is perhaps this is because the Simpson characters from the TV are also drawn more by hand and in more detail. When your Simpsons avatar is created, it has many uses. You can download it, save it, print it, and send it to a friend by e-mail.

South Park Avatar (A German website but set in English)

With the generator called SP-Studio you can create an avatar that resembles the characters from the TV series "South Park". In total there are 10 different options, which in turn provide more than enough options to choose from. So you can, for example, choose from over 80 headgears. For hairstyles there are even. There are plenty of shades to color the utensils to your taste.

Face your manga Avatar (Currently the most popular avatar creator online)

In “Face your Manga”, you can create a so-called Mangatar. This one has 10 different design options, from the face shape, eyes, nose, ears and the background. These are split then in other variants, e.g., there are 18 different beards and 15 types of eyebrows. Some of the utensils are very limited; there are only 4 types of ears and 3 different shirts. With many features you may also select a suitable color. A special feature is that you can draw wrinkles on the face, which gives it a "realistic" look.

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