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Virtual World Music Concerts Using Avatars

The latest application to emerge from the San Francisco is a virtual festival. Seen as quite a bizarre creation. Users can move their own avatar back and forth using the keyboard arrows. In addition other features of the app include buying virtual beer, mixing amongst other 'gig goers' and shouting random statements using the keyboard to enter text.

Concert 2021 is the name of the 'virtual festival' and its available at This latest project is a Mickey take, its basically a jibe at the big ticket companies who are controlling all the ticket space.

Apparently the Concert2021 only took 24 hours to develop and it shows. Its more like playing a late 80's computer game. The avatars are majorly pixilated and the control is very limited. Perhaps this was done on purpose.

There is a slightly more advanced feature to the app though, when you control your avatar with the arrow keys, different area of the virtual 'festival' contains different sounds. Similar to a real one would be. Music fades from one section to a different style as your avatar walks.

In a nutshell though, the application is terrible. After about 30 seconds you have had enough. Its designed probably for more of a novelty and to prove a point, gaining attention online.

Its unlikely that anyone will enjoy Concert2021 however there have been attempts by virtual world platforms to integrate music into there systems. Secondlife have already done something similar. Who knows though in years to come people may be able to listen to concerts in a virtual way.

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