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Virtual Elvis Avatar Border Control Assistant Knows if Your Lying

New technology has been introduced to help out to catch illegal immigrants from Mexico to the USA. The new avatar called 'Elvis' has been developed to help out at airports. The advanced avatar asks questions and can determine lies. In fact reports suggest that they are accurate to 90% As opposed to a human, who can only determine deception at around 50% 

The system is named 'Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments' and it has been developed by the university of Arizona. 

The virtual avatar asks specific questions and monitors the actions and responses of travelers by their reactions. This is controlled by many complex sensors and complex algorithms to see if the truth is being told. 

The system is reported to take around five minutes to pass and it also takes travelers finger prints. At the minute the system is being used on what is considered low risk passengers but many predict the same avatar system will be implemented around US airports. 

Apparently having the virtual avatar face encourages passengers to speak to it in a natural manor, it was said that before it was set in place travelers would speak to a computer in a robotic type voice. 

The virtual border control assistant can even look into passengers eyes for detection of lies. 

Like it or not computers and machines seem to be taking over the world. Many people feel uncomfortable about this sort of device. It also backs up how avatars are becoming the future. Who knows what will be present in years to come. Its scary to think how intelligent and complex computers and virtual assistants will emerge.

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