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Virtual Avatars to Guide travellers in New York Airports

If you thought that avatars were starting to take over your probably right. A new system is being introduced to airports in New York which will guide travelers by a digital avatar. The move is said to be on trial and officials think that people might feel more comfortable listening to avatars than a real person. 


Apparently the first set of avatars wont be able to be able to respond to human requests, however its rumored that if it proves a success, 6 months down the line could see the introduction of digital hologram avatars which respond to human voice.


Renting the holograms ardent cheap, for 6 months its said to cost around $250,000 and they will appear in FK, LaGuardia and Newark airports in July. 


These virtual avatars are said to be more of an experiment than anything and that if people don't use them, the avatars wont be needed in the future.


It seems the whole avatar craze is taking over, these digital figures are popping up everywhere and it seems the future in technology. Scientists and tech exports seem to be keen on developing avatars which can replace humans in many ways and different uses.


Only a few weeks ago we saw the famous rapper Tupac brought back from the dead with a hologram avatar live on stage, it seems the uses for these digital characters are endless.

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