Uses Avatars May Not be Good For


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Uses Avatars May Not be Good For



In a world of virtual reality and 3D computerized avatars and graphics it seems that nearly everything can be replaced by an Avatar in some shape or form. We have seen computer generated avatars emerge over the last ten years and literally start to take over the world. However some things cannot replace humans. 

Avatars have found there way into airports, the military, shops, TV, the internet, cars, hospitals and more. Some even predict they will be used as robots in the future, which may let humans escape their body and live hundreds of years longer.  

There are some things though that cannot replace real human characteristics, emotions and thought processes. At the minute humans have to program avatars. They are getting smarter but the brains behind them still rely on a computerized system made by humans. Avatars maybe able to recognize certain characteristics but their thought process is limited. Their ability to learn isn't the same as a human and they cannot adapt the same. 

For instance, a new lie detection systems which use a computerized avatar face are able to recognize certain behaviours of a human not noticed by the human eye. Although these systems can be good its still programmed by a human and it still cant be 100% fail safe. 

There is also the fact that computer characters or robots can never develop a personality and interacting with them is never going to feel the same as a human. This could cause adverse reactions if a user is talking to an avatar. 

At the minute there is no way Avatars can fully take the jobs of a human, they are getting smarter but I think they will always be there to just help humans. 

At the minute Avatars cover such a broad range of uses. The word can mean different things. For example the Film Avatar is very different to an avatar somebody may create online with an avatar generator. Just like an avatar maybe used as your favourite pet which may not be a human face etc. The definition does remain similar throughout though.



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