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Top Reasons to Cartoon Yourself and Create Avatars 

Browsing round the internet will reveal many different ways to display avatars. Cartoon characters seem to be popping up everywhere on the internet and most of the time they represent real life people.  


Websites are becoming more social, nowadays most sites have a registration page and in turn have a profile to create, website owners want to make mini social networking platforms within their designated niche. This makes way for avatars.  


Take for instance a forum, sites like this now often require you to upload an 'avatar'. An avatar could be a real life photo symbol or logo. Some people will simply upload a photograph of themselves, however not all feel comfortable doing this. This causes people to create avatars in the form of cartoon characters to represent themselves. 


Another big reason to create an avatar would be for a social network like Facebook. Users interact with others using fun cartoon like graphics. It could be to amuse friends, look different, display their feeling and emotions at a certain time or to mask their real identity like discussed before. 


We have discussed several aspects of reasons to cartoon yourself using an avatar generator, now we will look into more involved reasons. 


We have gathered that some people like to create fun cartoons that may look similar to themselves but there are millions of people online who are engaging in a more advanced type of interact through cartoon avatars. 


Virtual worlds are used by millions everyday, these are social networks of people who login and chat and interact through a virtual avatar. Virtual worlds like Secondlife and IMVU allow users to create an avatar and chat in real time to other virtual users. Many people prefer this kind of chat environment because they can become whoever they want out of a real life situation. 


Users of virtual worlds often end up dating, like minded users often hook up and end up developing relationships. In fact a recent study revealed that people who use virtual worlds who may not be too confident in a real life situation develop more confidence whilst using these types of virtual environments. 

So there are many reasons for people to create avatars, from  simply passing the time to engaging in virtual worlds. It seems a trend which has grown with the use and growth of the internet and its not going to go away. In a way cartoon characters are timeless, even in 50 years people will probably enjoy designing and creating simple cartoon like characters called avatars.

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