The different varieties of avatars


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The different varieties of avatars


The usage of the word avatar is a rather versatile meaning, it can refer to fantasy settings where certain creators or people represent Gods, we've seen it in movies as well as parts of history, but now avatars are widely known for one particular usage; representing our online selves. Now this comes in many forms and is not just as simple as a 50 by 50 square image, but in multiple variations as well.

One usage of avatars is using them to represent yourself in an online game. This can include games such as Farmville, Second Life, to World of WarCraft, EverQuest, Guild Wars, Rift, and much more. The character you use in game can be considered nothing less than an avatar, many people will take these avatars and use them in forums and other locations also.

Though there is other places that are specifically chat rooms with avatars, such as IMVU and even your WII self, Xbox Live, or Playstation selves are avatars, though with PSN you also can choose a seperate avatar other than their 3D chat and game area.

Avatars can be highly versatile, including creating images on other sites such as WoozWorld, Montagraph, BeFunky, Messdudes, and Build your wild self. Some let you upload and modify a photo, others are just completely designing a character that you wish to use for your avatar.

An avatar can be a full body image, or just a head shot, among a variety of other options. Another sample is Hero Factory, so you can virtually become anything online and use it to represent yourself. If that is a cartoon version of yourself or just you with a frame over your face, or even your favorite cartoon character.

Choosing to modify your own photo is also an options, where you can use things such as PhotoFunia, Picartia where you can create a photo mosaic which may also be fun for timeline images, forum signatures or even just to show off.   

Avatars can go much further than that, places like Hairmixer allow you to swap faces into different hair styles or photos. That can not only be useful but fun for multiple reasons.

The list goes on and options are limitless on how to represent yourself, creating yourself on a magazine cover, make your pics into sketches, vintage, serious and hilarious.

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