The Virtual Worlds of Avatars


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The Virtual Worlds of Avatars


There are many variations of avatars, other than the square or rectangle images you use in chatrooms, facebook, or other similar pages there are the second form of avatars, such as those used in Gaia, WoozWorld, IMVU, and other similar sites. These give you almost a sim-like experience while still interacting with other actual people.

Choosing an avatar is simply about designing the character or persona you wish to portray, during this you will also find that as you continue to explore in the avatars world you are able to constantly expand and build upon not only your avatar but the home/area your avatar resides, invite other people/avatars, make friends, and chat. Some people even go as far as to create relationships with between avatars, this happens quiet often as people involve themselves in the SIM type experience.

Playing as your avatar can be extremely rewarding, as you can create the way you would like to look, act, feel, or even act differently then you usually would. Either way it gives you freedom to move about and be a different or just a more extreme person.

People find that these avatars represent themselves no differently then if you were to go out in public, dress up, and go to a movie, the club, the bar, or something similar. They use it as an expression of themselves, and is helpful to many people in helping them not only build social skills but they can have the social experience without leaving home, or if they go traveling, or even times they have to work.

Though the usage of avatars varies from person to person, and each having their own reason for them, the majority of people tend to simply enjoy the people they meet and experience they have, allowing them to meet people they otherwise would not because they are halfway across the world. Enjoying worlds where they can dance, karaoke, hang out, talk, share their own worlds, and more. Avatars have been used for years and years now to represent their ideas and virtual experiences, for some people their avatars become more apart of their social life than actual people.

While avatars have this use or the simple use of representing us on forums or facebook, customizing and creating your own image or face virtually can always be fun, there are many sites that allow you to create avatars solo for this purpose and not for moving around, such as Mangatar and many others.

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