Technology Shifting Towards Reading Human Emotions for Cartoon Avatar Use


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Technology Shifting Towards Reading Human Emotions for  Cartoon Avatar Use


Steps towards emotion detection is taking place constantly as we speak. You might think that we are talking all sci-fi, but the websites you use daily are all interested highly in how humans represent emotion and the patterns that go behind it. 


Understanding and analyzing how, when and why humans use emotions at certain times can help technology progress for your mobile phone social network and internet browsing. 


Obvious proof to back this up is around is daily. This week Facebook has started testing a new feature which lets users add a smiley 'emotion' cartoon type face, that can be used with a status update. The emotion avatar would reveal what the user is feeling at that time, no doubt Facebook has done their research and they know that the public love to communicate with emotion avatars. 


Google also have a nifty new feature and that is called +Emotion. Users can select one of their pictures and Google will analyze the pic and put thought bubbles on that picture it detects that will display peoples emotions of that picture. These also come in the form as cartoon accessories which get added too. 


The cartoon avatar, emotion trend and connection is happening everywhere though. In just about every modern application you can think of there seems to be an opening for the ability to detect emotions to automatically display them as cartoon avatars etc. 


Chat systems including Skype and various other smartphone app's which allow real time communication are working on emotion detection for use on cartoon avatars. For example, not everybody feels comfortable being filmed and transmitting their every move. Software which could read humans expressions and emotions VIA movement and voice, would express and convert them into a virtual cartoon figure which might be even another animal or character like a cat. This would represent that person instead of a real life video, however do the same job. 

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Although the technology behind this type of avatar generator VIA sophisticated programs which detect human behavior might be cutting edge. The avatars used to display these emotions have been around for years. Cartoon yourself here.

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