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Some things you may not know about Avatars

The term “Avatars” is used to describe many things; from sprites you control manually, and pre-programmed customer service machines, to images you place besides your blog post. Within this article the term “Avatar” is used to describe the image that pops up on the search engine results, or the image that appears next to your blogs and comments online. Here are a few facts about avatars that you may not know.

There are often restrictions on the size of avatars, especially if they are avatars that you have made, downloaded or used for free. Often an avatar can be no more than a certain number of pixels (most times no more than 120 pixels) and no bigger than a certain amount (most times up to 20 KB). These are not massive flaws in themselves, since quite a lot of detail can be rammed into a small image, plus an avatar has no need to be small.

Some people charge you
Some companies will allow you to use, download and/or create an avatar that is up to 150 pixels and up to 30 KB. However, you will find that this is an unneeded luxury that most companies will charge you for.

Multiple personalities
Avatars can be downloaded from your hard disk or you can specify the image URL on the Internet. You can only load one avatar at a time on most platforms. This does not stop you from loading multiple avatars onto different platforms. For example, you can have an avatar for each of your blogs, and an avatar for commenting online and an avatar for using Google+. There is no need (or rule) to keep you from making multiple avatars.

Gif files
Some people use GIF images to allow their avatars to move. There are some forums that will allow you to upload bigger files, which means that you can upload gifs. These forums look great and the forums that insist you use a GIF animation are even better. You must remember however that even if a platform allows you to upload a bigger image so that you can use a GIF file, it still may not move on the screen. It all depends upon how the administrator sets the code for your image.

Avatars put some people off
These are often the avatars that are made up of a photo of the user. You have to remember that we are all human animals, and some people are going to take an instant dislike to you for no other reason that they dislike your face. Some people are going to search Google, see your face repeatedly, and think, “Oh not that nerd again,” or something similar. To remove this effect you may wish to consider an avatar that is not made up of your face; maybe a cartoon avatar or a stylized one.

Check your URL
Some people have an image appear from a certain URL, and are unaware that if the URL breaks that your avatar will vanish from online. Next to your posts will be a square with a red cross inside it. Be careful how you host your avatar, and where you host it from.

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