Russian Billionaire wants to Create Avatars with Human Consciousness


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Russian Billionaire wants to Create Avatars with Human Consciousness 


A Russian billionaire says he is set on course to create a series of avatars which will eventually become a Cyborg. The idea is to transfer human thoughts, personality and emotions into a computer like system which has a robotic body. 


In a similar idea to how Dr Who worked there are several steps to the Russian billionaires ideas, Dmitry Itskov hopes to eventually give humans the chance to become immortal and recent talk suggests that he isn't that far off his first stage. 


Itskov's first stage is named Avatar A- This is to create an avatar with a brain machine interface. His plans are to complete this by 2020. 


The next stage is Avatar B- Plans for this are due for 2025 and it involves having a human brain installed into an artificial body or machine. This would happen in the late stages of human life. 


Ten years later 'Avatar C' should be able to store all human thought, feelings and personality. 


Finally in 2045 the final project is expected to be completed and this should mean the robot will be a free standing physical unit which will be able to interact in various forms including 3D hologram. 


The avatar robots will have the power to communicate with high tech computer systems which would allow them to literally travel at light speed through computer connections which would allow them to instantly move from robots etc through the internet.

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