Reddit Introduce New Avatar Maker Called Snoovatars

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Reddit Introduce New Avatar Maker Called Snoovatars

Reddit have just introduced a new avatar maker which allows you to create your own 'Snoovatar'. The tool lets you create a version of Reddits famous Alien avatar. Their logo has become famous over the years, many people have made their own version of this mascot named Snoo.

Gold users of Reddit can now take advantage of this new feature, the Snoovatar creator is quite simple but produces some nice designs.

The platform also lets you add a custom touch to it using famous references to Wolverine, Doctor Who, Start Trek etc. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can then set it to public.

Many facial features, accessories, headgear etc can be customized. This has been greeted as a great feature by Reddit users. The avatar generator still keeps a similar look to the original 'Snoo' Reddit logo though. It basically just lets you add extra attributes, clothing etc to fine tune your own preferred look.

This new avatar maker does remain simplistic features though. In some ways this makes it more attractive to use and adds a nice extra feature for Gold Reddit users. No doubt we will be seeing a lot of these Snoovatars around in the future, on peoples forums, social networks etc

The Snoovatar avatar maker is similar in some ways to the Create My Picture avatar maker.

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