People Make Avatars to Look Better than Themselves


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People Make Avatars to Look Better than Themselves


When people design and create avatars they often end up making an avatar which is unrealistic and not too accurate according to a recent post I read on a popular blog 'The Bold Italic'. 


One of the most popular applications called 'iMadeFace' lets users design their own cartoon look. Its massively popular in many countries and is rated the number 1 free. app.   


Although this shows there is great interest in people 'cartooning themselves' and designing their real look, with a bit of research its easy to see that people aren't always honest with their avatar creations.  


For one, humans are not cartoons, so often facial combinations and attributes do not always fit ones exact look.  


Also users will create their preferred look, if they have a massive bent nose its unlikely they will want to highlight this in their avatar. This leads to the next point that people think they are more attractive than they are. The character they will create wont often be an honest representation. A good example of this would be a Barbie type doll looking Avatar used on a social network or virtual world.  


Most of the cartoon type faces are highly over exaggerated. Massive lips, great jaw lines and great figures for both men and women.  


There is a plus side to using avatars though. It has been found in many cases creating a beautiful alter ego like described above can create a great feel good factor, relieve depression and even boost confidence. Often, people who use virtual worlds to chat interact and even date find them a great way to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life. 

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