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3D Avatar Generator Patented by Apple

A new avatar generator has been patented by giants Apple. Its thought that the company is well underway to create an avatar generator which will allow users to select features and parts of their body off a control panel on screen. The end result would be a customizable 3D avatar.


The new avatar generator is said to be on similar principles to the famous Wii type 'Mii' generator, however its thought to become much more powerful. Apple have suggested that this new tool will be aimed at the 3D gaming market. More sophisticated. More advanced rumors state that it could lead to 3D movable holographic systems.


The avatar application will let users build an avatar from its shoulders up. Extensive facial features are anticipated and its thought that people will be able to create realistic looking avatars to use. In addition there are set to be many customizable facial accessories.


Further reports are saying that not only will the avatar maker be used by gaming fans and kids. Avatars could be built and used by authorities like the Police to build artistic renditions of suspected criminals etc.


Demonstrations have been shown on the iPad. There are thought to be many more advanced options available when Apple finally unveil their app, so users can fine tweak their avatar creation 

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