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Avatars are taking a leap forward, with the new Nito, which is very friendly to social media. Making avatars that “become” an animated version of ones self is not just a forward thinking concept. It's here now. Using a 3D image, the avatar's owner's face can morph and move and then see the avatar duplicate the image and actions. In other words, the image one sees is controlled by what one does. Seeing oneself in instant digital display can be part of one's personal enjoyment time, and it may be an instant hit with some. With others, it may take some getting used to, some time wrapping their mind around the idea.

When the user smiles, the avatar smiles. When the user winks or blinks, so does the avatar. It's almost like a peek-a-boo experience or a Simond Says happening.

Through use of the iOS platform, the Nito transposes facial movements and mannerisms into 12 different avatars in the 3D display.

Making avatars is great, making avatars and sharing them is even better. The somewhat mirrored images can be sent in 15 second video images. They can be used on media messaging platforms like WeChat, Line, SMS, WhatsApp, and popular social media like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Google+. The user of this animation program can send greetings to others without having to be online in the virtual world for very long.

Designers did not create Nito for gaming platforms, but opted to orient them to be integrated into social media. It can go a long way toward building unequaled brand, as The American Genius predicted. Studios and agencies can anticipate a version just for their applications soon. Also in the works is the “famous licensed characters,” enabling a user to seem to be talking under the guise of some Warner Brothers or other licensed character. Fans of those characters will probably find this experience particularly fascinating. Character incarnation could even increase the popularity of the original.

It's not hard to imagine that personification of certain non-licensed icons might be a close relative to using licensed characters. Considering that licensing hurdles need not be overcome, this might be easier to get into the marketplace.

Could animated films be produced using Nito? The possibilities are there, according to some technology advocates.

CEO and co-founder Hoyt David Morgan, also revealed that live chat is slated for development soon.

The whole idea of being able to create a miniature-me, or virtual-me may seem a little strange to some, but the idea that one can be reduplicated in cyberspace, might be akin to the notion of being cloned. Also, since the new image puts power in their hands, and enables them to be the actual customizer who makes it do what it does might make it more acceptable than the idea of being duplicated in a lab somewhere.

Once upon a time there were simple, basic mirrors. Now there are avatars. With the first, one sees themselves as they are; unless viewing themselves in a house of mirrors. With regular mirrors, one smiled and the face they saw smiled back at them in exactness. With the avatar, one toys with changing the image they see by changing the way they themselves look – only they get this image that they may interpret as mocking them, mimicking them, caricaturizing them or animating them in a funny, cyberfantastic way.

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