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James Cameron Forced to Spill How He Created the Avatar 


We all know James Cameron must have a pretty good imagination, the front man of some of the biggest films including Terminator, Aliens, Titanic and now Avatar. One must question how he thought of these blue giant creatures which represent humans in the film Avatar. 


Well, he wasn't for telling at first but a court case that has come to surface has forced the star to spill the beans and explain where the whole idea has come from. The director is currently in a legal battle, somebody has claimed he stole the whole idea and called it an Avatar. There are some pretty crazy people out there, who knows maybe they both had similar ideas in their heads. 


To back up his story Cameron revealed that his avatar idea had been a life long collection of thoughts and elements that he had put together since High School. I school Cameron said he did a pen drawing called 'Spring on Planet Flora'. This would be the landscape and foundations for Pandora. 


Also, a few years later in college Cameron co-wrote a script about a disabled man who had his input senses removed to allow him to take a journey through his own mind. This would be similar to his wheelchair bound role in the film Avatar. 


In the 70's he also co-wrote a script called 'Xenogenesis' this was about strange creatures on a far away planet. 


For anyone interested more, Cameron has put together a 45 page story in detail about creating 'Avatar'. The film has been one of the biggest hits ever. The total gross stands today at 2.7 billion. Other follow ups are due, however these are thought to take years to get to our screens.

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