James Cameron Did Not Steal Avatar Idea


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James Cameron Did Not Steal Avatar Idea


Since the release of the billion dollar hit film Avatar, several people have emerged out the woodwork claiming that James Cameron who directed and created the massive hit film had actually copied the idea. 


Gerald Morawski is one of many people who have actually filed lawsuits against Cameron in an attempt to sue him for 'pinching the Avatar idea'. In a lengthy legal battle notorious film director who is responsible for producing countless films has come out tops and won the law suit. 


To defend Avatar, Cameron used a 45 pages of detailed  documents explaining how he came up with the original idea. In some news reports he said he had ideas about the film in his teenage years, and that it was a life long dream to create Avatar


No doubt, out of the millions of people on earth who have seen the billion dollar blockbuster, theres bound to be a few that may have had similar thoughts to the whole virtual world. The alien type creatures which resemble blue large type human like figures may have also run through peoples minds. However, its unlikely that every single piece of avatar would of been in the mind of somebody, never mind being stolen by Cameron. 


Out of the vast amounts of viewers who have watched Avatar there is always going to be a small percentage of people who will probably claim it has been stolen, those with the extra amount of money will probably take it to the next step of a legal battle. 


On the other side of things though, who is actually going to argue with James Cameron. Even if he did steal the idea from an average person, his money, wealth and power would far outweigh any effort most people could put in. So who would probably win the case anyway. 


The film Avatar has been one of the biggest film successes yet, the follow up to his first film 'Avatar 2' is thought to appear around 2015. That just shows the scale and time, resources and money which are put into these great films.

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