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Making avatars has become a fun past time. Avatars, as defined by Google, are icons or figures representing particular persons in computer games, Internet forums, etc. Many probably remember James Cameron's 2009 movie by the same title. IMDb summarizes the storyline of “Avatar” by explaining that a paraplegic Marine is dispatched to the moon Pandora on a special mission that leaves him torn between home and duty. On, users can have fun creating their own avatar. With a colorful background and easy-to-grasp design template, this site can bring much enjoyment to avatar makers around the world.

The brightly colored website enables users to create a picture; by choosing the hair color, chin, eyes, mouth, facial hair and hair style. There are 20 choices of skin color, and a variety of options for the other features. For example, one can choose what many know as the “booty” chin, called so because it is split down the middle.

Once the designer is finished fashioning their avatar, they can email it to themselves or to someone else to capture it into perpetuity. Another choice is to hit reset as often as one wishes and start over again with a fresh new face. The variations are almost endless on this create a picture avatar site.

The face template is located in the middle of the screen, and the feature list is on the left in big bold print. To the right are the numerous options. For example, there is a pink and a blue pacifier to place in the mouth, or a whole catalog of mouths can be chosen. Regarding mouths, there are back and forward arrows which allow the user to go through full 13 pages of options, with six features selections each time.

All features come with the back and forward arrows with a palate of six choices on each page. Creations from make-avatar can be shared on Facebook

Children and adults alike can have endless fun making avatars on It can be a solo activity or a paired or team activity to help users learn to collaborate and compromise of a short-term project.

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