Integrating A Virtual Receptionist Into Your Business


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Integrating a Virtual Receptionist Into Your Business


Many companies have online branches and yet others operate solely over the Internet. Therefore, it's no surprise that virtual receptionists are growing in popularity. Still, this is a fairly new business, and you might need some tips on how to integrate a virtual receptionist into your company.

Setting a Schedule
You want to ensure that the virtual receptionist has a set number of work hours. Failure to do so could cause both unhappiness and confusion on the part of this individuals. Sometimes, people forget that online jobs need to have rules and regulations as well. Be clear if the receptionist is to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day or if he or she is free to choose any eight hours as long as the work is finished by the end of the day. You must also consider the time zone differences when setting up specific time limits.

Providing the Resources
As the owner of the business, you need to take responsibility for making sure your virtual receptionist has everything that he or she needs. If the person is going to be directly chatting with clients over the computer, then a microphone and a speaker system are necessary. In certain freelance situations, you would not necessarily be responsible for paying for these types of equipment. However, if the person is employed by your company, you need to provide the supplies just as you would for any employee who is working at the physical location.

How to Communicate with Other Workers
At some points of the day, the receptionist may need to contact you for assistance or may need to speak with other people in the business for information about files. The virtual receptionist should have a clear and direct way to contact you. He or she should not have to sit through a string of telephone options in order to speak with the main company branch. Email is an acceptable way to communicate with the receptionist. You will just have to be sure that someone is constantly checking it throughout the duration of the person's work hours.

Establishing a Method of Payment
With your employees who work at the physical location, you probably hand out paychecks or have a direct deposit system set up. Generally, it is possible to do direct deposit with a person, even if he or she is living in another part of the country. You will just need to have the appropriate paperwork. PayPal is another option you could use, but you want to be sure that the receptionist is not being charged a fee. Mailing out the checks is not the best idea, and this is even more true if the employee lives far away. It could take weeks for the check to arrive at its intended destination.

Adding a virtual receptionist to your business is likely a new and exciting adventure for you and the rest of the staff. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, be sure to keep the aforementioned tips in your mind.


This post was written by Karen Wilson, an office worker in a company who uses an answering service Winnipeg from the experts at Smiledog.

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