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IMVU Rated Best Avatar Maker Online

With over 3 million Facebook Likes and millions of users its no wonder we rate IMVU as the best avatar maker. What else makes this avatar social dress up community so unique though?

Its 3D based avatar community has had over 100 million registrations in over 100 countries worldwide. No surprises comes to the fact that its a Californian company located near Google. With over 150 employees it is the biggest avatar community of its type.

IMVU is not just an avatar maker, it is a social network and community which even allows goods to be traded online. Its virtual goods catalogue contains over 10 million items alone.

Users of IMVU can register free and take part in a virtual world, chat and meet new people. It lets people escape the dullness of everyday life, letting people become whoever they want.

The technology behind the avatar maker is pretty advanced too, letting users create life like attractive avatars. Many users can express themselves anyway they want, as their avatar becomes them.

There are on average 60-65K users online at one time, this is spanned over 100 Countries worldwide.

The use of avatars has become part of everyday life. Over the past ten years we have seen a massive influx of the use of the word in general. Its as if the word has been invented over the past decade.

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