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IMVU - Create Avatars of Yourself in a 3D Virtual World

IMVU is one of the biggest and most exciting virtual worlds. Users can create their own sophisticated 3D avatar. This can then be used in a realsistic 3D environment. Bosting over 3 million 'Likes' on Facebook IMVU is the ultimate in the avatar creation dress-up community.

IMVU averages around 50-60 thousand users online at any given time, this spans across 100 different countries.

Users of the virtual world often find it a great way to escape the stress and strains of everyday life, meaning they can express themselves in a virtual world however they want.

In addition to creating sophisticated avatars, users can take part in 'virtual trades'. IMVU's virtual goods calologue boasts over 10 million products.
The virtual world boasts over 100 million registered users and was first established in 2004.

As technology and graphics progress, so will IMVU. Its thought that virtual worlds will expand and grow in popularity. Users love creating 3D avatars, custom tailored towards their own requirement.

IMVU is growing as a business, they currently have over 150 employees. They have fast become the number1 way of connecting people around the world through virtual worlds.

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