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How to resize your Avatars!  


Avatars are widely used on almost any website you go, they represent you or your business or whatever else you may be posting as. Now avatars commonly come in a few different sizes, but can really be any form.

The most common size for forums or chatrooms range from 80 x 80 pixels to 100 x 100 pixels, though there are the places that will instead use 60 x 60. Often they will also resize your image automatically, but you won't get the best quality if you do that and may end up unhappy with the result.

Some avatars are only 50 x 50, and sometimes are even called buddy icons. To give you a scope of this, on your desktop those icons are 32 x 32 (which can also be customized!) And emotions (or the little smiley faces) are only 15 x 15 pixels! So you can see many sizes and many ranges, there are some that will also be higher around 200 x 200. So it will just depend where you are at and what its for.

A lot of times your avatar wont load if you choose to upload something that is much too big then it can handle, though if you find an avatar you like and resize it around 200 – 300 pixels most places will load it and resize it as necessary, so you won't have to make multiple avatars unless you want too! There are many online tools that let you resize photos or pictures, but this can also be a pain if they are not the same size in both directions, in this case you'll want to find a photo cropper.

Cropping photos can often be done online or on your computer, the easiest and cheapest method other than using paint is downloading the free program called Gimp, it's a free alternative to programs such as Photoshop. From here the tutorials for gimp are scattered around the net, but the process will be fairly simple. You can crop it, then image resize down to your perfect avatar-fit! And who knows, if you play around enough you might become pro and making avatars and do it for all your friends!

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