How to pick and make an avatar.


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How to pick and make an avatar.


An Avatar, or a representation of your digital self, is an image or graphic that can be placed on a website or forum to identify yourself. Often an image or yourself or something you like. This can also represent an alter ego or even a character you are pretending to be, such as from a video game or a book. They can also be representations in digital worlds and online games, such as Gaia Online, World of Warcraft and more. People sometimes also create personalities or fake versions of themselves (such as handles for just their art or writing) and represent them.

To create an avatar first decide on the photo or image you want, this can be a picture or a personal photo. Using Google you can find many images, search your favorite movies, shows, cartoons, actors, or anything else like your favorite car or flower.

You'll want to crop it into a square, virtually any image editing program will do this. Some you need to use the selection, others have a “crop tool”. Try to get a perfect square, most programs this is easy to do! Otherwise it may look smooshed when you upload it. Some websites such as facebook will give you the option to crop it on the site and will resize it for you.

Then comes resizing, each site will be a bit different. Commonly 100 x 100 is a good size! But it could be anywhere from 30 x 30 avatars up to 200 x 200! Though you'll be able to easily find out by the site you are on. If you can't find the dimensions, save another persons or the blank one avatar and use it as a base or template to design yours. That's always a good fail safe!

When doing an avatar, most any image is usually okay. People are only worried about copyright if you are profiting off of it or claiming it as your own creation/design, so you can pick virtually any image on the net as long as it follows the TOS of that particular website! If you are still confused, look up a tutorial for the specific program you are using, or look up an online avatar maker such as Mangatar or My Wild Self! Other examples of avatars is your Wii self or your Xbox Live self!

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