How to make an animated Avatar in Photoshop!


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How to make an animated Avatar in Photoshop!


We use avatars daily, all of us even if we may not realize it. The pictures you use on your Facebook or forums to represent your profile is exactly an example of an avatar, and sometimes you see people with cool animated Avatars! We're gonna teach you how to do that.

First you'll want to use a program such as photoshop or gimp, but we'll be doing the steps for photoshop!

First off, you'll design your avatar or take an existing picture and add the design you want to it, but only do the static ( non-moving ) part for now. Got it? Great!

Now decide your animation, do you want it to be squares changing colors, blinking or fading text?  Each are relatively easy. You'll use the “timeline” to edit for your animation, so go to Window > Timeline and make sure its checked, it will pop up at the bottom.

The first frame will be how it starts, so add what you want to animate. Lets say text, then click “Duplicate selected frames” or the paper with a curl, it will add a new frame. Within this frame, modify the text the way you want to animate it. If you want it to fade, put the opacity down in increments, i.e. 80 for the first frame, 50 for the second, 30, 15, 5, then 0. Then you can repeat the process in the opposite direction to make it come back. 

Remember every time you change the opacity and want it to fade, add a new frame. Play around with the seconds in between, .2 – 1 usually is a good place to start. (this is bellow each picture, you can select them all holding down shift and selecting the first and last one, or multiples, and then change the seconds for one of them and they will all change!) Hit the play button to preview it.

Note that if you are adding something,such as a streak, you can play around with the “tween” (on the bottom next too the duplicate frames) or make a new layer for each step. You'll have to play around to get your exact result!

Then go to File > Save For Web. Make sure it is on GIF, and you can use the play button on the bottom right to make sure it looks how you want it too! Save it and you are ready to upload to your favorite forums.

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