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How to create an Avatar Using the internet!


Our face on the internet comes in the form of an Avatar, something that represents you almost like your favorite t-shirt you wear to every new meeting. Though many definitions pop up the basic idea of the avatar is it is the digital representation of yourself online, or in a community etc. People can identify you by your avatar, similarly to identifying you by your face. Even Facebook uses avatars as representations or “quick snippets” of yourself.

There are many places to help utilize your avatars, Gravatar is a place where you can make a few avatars or just one and use your e-mail to go on multiple sites and automatically pull up your face.

Now making your own avatar is relatively simple, there are many ways for you to go online with many sites that will make avatars for you!

One of my favorites if FaceYourManga, and using it is simple. You commonly, for most any avatar maker, choose you gender, face shape, eyes, eye color, accessories, hair, hair color, and clothes. Most of them give you the option for a background, too, but this isn't the only type of site that will let you do this.

Digibody's Caricature Maker has extremely exaggerated and extreme facial features and expressions, giving you a wide array of things you can have fun with! Choose your face, mouth, nose, eyes, eyebrows, ears and hair.

There are even Avatar makers that let you build full body, such as Build Your Wild Self, where you can create yourself as a crazy spider legged, tentacle armed, turtle shelled you! Many of these sites allow you to save the images directly from the site using a simple button, however if they do not do not fear!

It's fairly easy to save them. You can use a free program such as Gyazo, which allows you to select an area you want to screen shot than uploads it, save it from there and you can then upload it to your site! Or simply use “PRNT SCRN” or the Print Screen button, this will take a full screenshot of your desktop then open up PAINT, most computers have this.

Crop it within pain and save it! If you have any other image program, you may use that as well! There are other ways to make your avatars too, including doing it yourself in Photoshop or Gimp, or just using a photo!

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