How Attractive Avatars Affect Women in the Real World


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How Attractive Avatars Affect Women in the Real World


We have all heard about how aggressive and violent video games can lead to similar types of behaviour in the real world, well now a new type of concern has appeared of that of attractive over attractive Avatars making women act differently too.

Researchers at the Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab have been studying how women act when using avatars which they often create or use in video games. In a test women used over sexualized highly attractive avatars and spoke to males through a virtual world. The results from the test seemed to suggest that the women talked more about their appearance and basically thought of themselves more as objects than people, when their avatar was dressed in an attractive provocative way.

Sensors were connected to the women's hands etc and their movements were relayed in a mirror type scenario back to themselves in a very attractive way.

In the same test a more conservative avatar was produced of the women, this consisted of clothes that covered them up and the avatar was much less provocative. 

The same questions were asked to the women as they looked at both types of avatars in a mirror and sensors connected to their bodies studied their movements and behaviour. An interesting thing happened when rape myths were introduced to the women. 

The question "in the majority of rapes, the victim is promiscuous or has a bad reputation" was asked. When the women were using the over sexualized avatar it seemed that they were more likely to agree to this question, as to when the users avatars were dressed conservatively. Throughout the tests the users could see themselves as their avatar as if they were looking at themselves in a mirror.

As video games get more realistic and the amount of female gamers increase, it is though that this could start posing more of a risk to the users using these kinds of avatars

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