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HP Develop a Multi-Network Avatar


HP develop a multi-network avatar

The researchers at Hewlett-Packard have developed an avatar that is based in the cloud. It can be used to manage all of a user’s wireless networks and mobile devices. The researchers want to give users a single identity that can be used by tablets, smartphones, mobile phone networks, Wi-Fi networks, and a host of other mobile devices. They want users to have an avatar identity that transcends all of the different devices and networks.

The avatar from HP would have to pick a good combination of networks and hardware for each given situation. It would then have to automatically set up and take down connections.


HP are hoping to sell the idea to companies. Some employees need to use a number of mobile and desktop devices, as well as a number of mobile phone and Wi-Fi networks. HP would like companies to buy the product so that employees can download and use one avatar. That way the employee would use his or her single identity for every device and network that he or she works on. Using the avatar would be no more difficult than downloading an app. 

HP are looking to sell the idea to private users indirectly, maybe by offering a cloud-based software platform that HP would offer to carriers and enterprises as a service. HP are going to call the concept a Mobile Personal Grid.

With the MPG, many businesses could use a “Bring your own device” system. They could offer an incentive to employees to bring their own devices in return for not having to buy them one. The user would be able to stay online via their device and gain quick and cheap access to whatever systems they desire--thanks to their avatar. On the one hand, this is going to save the businesses a lot of money because they will not have to purchase, insure and maintain their employees’ mobile devices. On the other hand, it does pose a security risk, since it is harder to guarantee the security of a personal mobile device. 


One of the perks of the MPG system is that logging onto various networks is becoming more and more common. People need to access more and more networks, and use more mobile devices. The MPG helps to ease the hassle and headache that comes with needing access to multiple networks and devices. The system has been described as “Automatic ad hoc networking."

An employee or user may gather and input information from multiple networks and devices, and store them all in one place. The Avatar could then be accessed on another device or on a desktop where all the information could come together to be used. The avatar can do other things such as tell a user about his or her other devices. It can tell the user about one device’s battery life or another devices available networks. It can tell the user the cellular signal and Wi-Fi strength and the location of each device. This information may not seem useful to one person, but a company that manages hundreds of employees (and avatars) could get an overview of staff activity from one access point.

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