Google Bring Back Classic Animated GIF Avatars


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Google Bring Back Classic Animated GIF Avatars 


To many peoples surprise Google have brought back a focus on the classic animated GIF pictures that have been around since the 90's. Now Google support and seem to be encouraging animated gif pictures, as they have included a search option on their image search and users of Google plus can now display them as profile pictures. 


GIF's are an image file but hove the capabilities to run as a short animated loop, in many cases this becomes an eye catching and often funny animation. Years ago these types of loops were often seen in place of avatars on forums etc, however with the progression of Facebook and other popular social networks their use was limited and they were never aloud to run on most modern social platforms. This seemed to plummet the popularity of the these types of graphics. 


Many news reports have appeared label ling this new decision to include GIFs as amusing. Some even thought it was part of an April fool. However, now you can easily filter these types of images under 'animations' in Google image search. 


It has also seen a huge number of Google Plus users adding them as their avatar picture, its as if these small loop animations have been re-born. 


There are many discussions of to why the decision to bring more emphasis on these rather dated types of image animations but the search giants must have cause to introduce these new features. They know what is popular after all. Another possible reason is that Facebook and other large social networks don't allow the use of animated GIFs. This could add as a benefit and help Google progress in the social network field. 


A simple search in Google will now find tons of these types of animations, In addition you can create avatars as animated GIF images with many online photo GIF makers

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