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Digital Avatar Creation

Summertime often means downtime, that season where many people have more time on their hands than at any other time of the year. Students, teachers and many entrepreneurs are attending staff development courses, taking vacations, planning for the rest of the year and repurposing their careers. This downtime could also be a great season for creating a digital avatar online.

Creating one's digital avatar meets one of the demands of today's tech-driven society. With the culture of globalization, high competition in many markets and other internet-era demands, it becomes almost mandatory that people in business twin technology and humanity. There's not many ways to do that which are superior to creating an online digital avatar.

There was a time when having a charicature of ones self was a way to connect with customers. Now, with fans, followers and other technology-related connections, it's the avatar. The avatar can be part of an entrepreneur's legacy and strategy. Here is a place to showcase ones skills at replicating certain qualities and characteristics that represent one's mission. A digital avatar can also convey messages, including mini-lessons on its creator's behalf. Such a digital model can also serve in the capacity of digital or virtual mentor for someone else, sort of leaving a blueprint for other entrepreneurs to follow.

Female entrepreneurs can think along the lines of the “war room” and the boardroom, and develop strategies which will give them advantages.

The digital avatar can accomplish the following:

  • Mirror one's characteristics digitally
  • Educate, encourage, entertain
  • Be a talking human substitute
  • Provide storytelling teamed with visual imaging
  • Serve as problem-solving

In order to create a digital avatar that has the pulse of its creator, it has to be both playful and meaningful. It can help with brand building and relationship building, if created thoughtfully.

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