Creating Amazing Avatars Using IMVU 3D Virtual World

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Creating Amazing Avatars Using IMVU 3D Virtual World

Amazing virtual worlds are just a few clicks away boasting awesome 3D graphics, chat, avatar design and more. Over 50,000 people are using IMVU virtual world at any given time. Chatting using awesome avatar graphics they have made, users can chat, make new friends, date and even sell and trade good on a virtual marketplace.

Users create the style of their avatar, which they can use as their own alter-ego. People can be who they want, when they want.

Virtual worlds, communities, virtual money and even virtual real estate has seen amazing growth over the past few years. People actually trade virtual currency and real estate. In fact, it wasn't too long ago somebody paid $300.000 for a 'virtual club' in a sci-fi game called Entropia Universe.

With over 100 million registered users IMVU has grown into one of the biggest virtual worlds on the internet. It has also become one of the most preferred.
Registration is free, once you have designed the look of your avatar users can start exploring the vast virtual world. Users have even hooked up dated and got married from using IMVU. Obviously, its up to you as the user, how IMVU is used. 

Users of another large avatar based virtual network called 'Second Life', often check out IMVU and visa-versa. Its always good to mix up your avatar experiences, as each virtual world works differently. 

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